About Auroraelogy

About Auroraelogy

Founded as a US brand in 2021, Auroraelogy® is one of the enbuyable lighting stores online, source sustainably, made lovely, and built to last. We continues to cooperate with some lighting factories in China to bring our customers the affordable pieces, to share our vision and make the dream home to life.

Our Commitment

We use quality materials to create simple yet sophisticated fixtures that will make your space last for years to come. From the finishing touches to the ease of installation, we work diligently on every detail - we want you to love our fixtures as much as you love our designs.

It's important to us that our factories not only produce a quality product, but do so responsibly. To ensure that our fixtures meet ethical standards, we conduct regular on-site audits and strive to exceed international production guidelines. Please shop with confidence that your benefits will not come at the expense of others.

Our Service

Our passionate attention to detail does not stop with our products. Our factories support team provides enthusiastic and thorough service with order requests, returns - even installation advice - to ensure you are perfectly taken care of.

Please feel free to reach us by using contact form or directly email us if you have any interest or inquiry. We will respond within 12 hours to assist you.

Opening Hour (GMT+8)
Mon - Sat: 9am - 10pm

Email & Phone
+86 17318064758