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Multi-Lights Shade Chandelier

Multi-Lights Shade Chandelier

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Elevate the style of your modern home decor with the Multi Arm Opal Shade Chandelier. A large, rounded ceiling mount extends a set of thin wires. Each wire uphold a rod made of aluminum setting at various heights. Opal shades rests on every rod at different directions, emitting a warm and relaxing light from each piece.



  • Different combinations of hanging style and lights amount to suit your place.
  • Made of glass and aluminum with LED.
  • Suitable for living rooms, staircases, entryways, lobby and foyers.
  • Support canopy size and hanging cables length customization.



    • Fixture material: Glass and aluminum
    • Finish: Black
    • Light options: 8 | 12 | 16 | 20 | 21 | 24 | 28 | 32 | 36 Lights
    • Dropping style: Hanging cord and Hanging cables
    • Voltage: 110-240V
    • Warranty: 3 Years



      • Lamp type: LED, G9
      • Bulbs Included
      • Bulbs Replaceable
      • Color temperature: 3000K, Warm white
      • Lumens: 115LM/watt
      • CRI: 90
      • Dimmable When Used With a Standard Dimmer and dimming driver (Not Included)



      Mixed style:

      • 36 Lights: H 236in, Fixture Dia 118in, 9 small canopies, Canopy Dia 5.9in/Unit
      • 36 Lights: H 236in, Fixture Dia 118in, 9 small canopies, Canopy Dia 5.9in/Unit
      • 28 Lights: H 267in, Fixture Dia 63in, Canopy Dia 31.5in
      • 28 Lights: H 146in, Fixture Dia 39.3in, Canopy Dia 23.6in

      Hanging cord style:

      • 8 Lights: H 96.5in, Fixture Dia 16.9in, Canopy Dia 5.9in
      • 12 Lights: H 136in, Fixture  Dia 16.9in, Canopy Dia 5.9in
      • 16 Lights: H 175in, Fixture  Dia 16.9in, Canopy Dia 5.9in
      • 20 Lights: H 214in, Fixture  Dia 16.9in, Canopy Dia 5.9in
      • 24 Lights: H 254in, Fixture  Dia 16.9in, Canopy Dia 5.9in

      Hanging cable style:

      • 8 Lights: H 92.5in, Fixture Dia 27in, Canopy Dia 7.87in
      • 12 Lights: H 132in, Fixture Dia 27in, Canopy  Dia 11.8in
      • 16 Lights: H 171in, Fixture Dia 27in, Canopy  Dia 11.8in
      • 20 Lights: H 210in, Fixture Dia 31in, Canopy  Dia 15.7in
      • 21 Lights: H 224in, Fixture Dia 31in, Canopy  Dia 15.7in
      • 28 Lights: H 289in, Fixture Dia 35in, Canopy  Dia 19.6in
      • 32 Lights: H 328in, Fixture Dia 39.3in, Canopy  Dia 23.6in
      • 36 Lights: H 368in, Fixture Dia 39.3in, Canopy  Dia 23.6in
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